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Halal certification

Halal Certification gives a high level of confidence in the mind of buyer that the product having its logo is permissible under the Islamic Law. In real, this certification gives a product the recognition required to convince the Muslim community that it is prepared as per Halal Laws. It is a reliable testimony for the claims of the manufacturer that the product meets the Halal requirement under Shariah Law.

The food and drink products that are certified as Halal can be marketed worldwide. So the customer base of a company increases after having this certification. Meanwhile the products are accepted domestically, they are also open to worldwide markets. The products that are Halal certified will reach to both Non Muslim and Muslim customers. The Non Muslim consumers will consider the product as safe, hygienic, nutritious, and clean to consume. On the other hand, the Muslim consumers will have them because they are Halal certified.

Today it is estimated that over 1.8 billion Muslims follow Halal food standards. The research and studies show that they is a lot of un-tapped Halal market worldwide. So having a Halal trademark can help the business to market its products internationally and in the Muslim countries. The consumers in the Islam countries will be purchase the products with Halal without questioning whether its authentic or valid under Islam. Without the Halal certification, a company loses large portion of customers around the world. To companies that export products, Halal certification is essential.

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