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Halal certification procedure

Get in touch with to know more about the international Halal certification process and how we can assist you in obtaining this certificate. Our team will be by your side to make the process fast and easy from start to end.

We have on board Rabbi Managers and trained representatives who will use their knowledge and expertise for your benefit. You can trust us to maintain confidentiality and assist you to grow in international markets.

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One has to submit the form with proper details of the company and products via e-mail.

To get the quotation for the certification, the team will contact you through phone or e-mail service. You can also get help for the application form and discuss your company products and the ingredients involved. This shall help you to proceed up the procedure of Halal certification.

Initially, it is important to visit the production plant based on the information given in the application form related to the certification. We shall set a date to visit the production plant for inspection to justify whether you are eligible for the certification or not.

Once confirmed about the Halal requirements, it will be supervised and financial obstacles need to be handled. Following this, the Halal certificate will be given by the authorities. After this, the Halal symbol will be given on the products which the company wants to produce.

It requires evaluation and approval of Rabi through proper inspection of the procedure and the ingredients of the products. Replacing animal ingredients with vegetables or any item of synthetic origin will be accepted.

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